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Mark Levy

05/23/2022 - 11:14pm
DEAR MARK: May 20, 2022 DEAR MARK:   I’m baffled that formerly, the Ukraine was known as one of the most corrupt nations in Europe yet now everyone is signing off with “Glory to Ukraine,” wearing Ukraine flags, and the US is actually trying to send 40 BILLION dollars to them. I don’t get it. That’s 40 billion dollars that could be used to finish the...
04/11/2022 - 9:29pm
DEAR MARK: April 8, 2022 DEAR MARK:   The left agrees that 4 – 8 year-olds lack the judgement to drive a car, buy cigarettes or alcohol, sign a contract, own a credit card, open a bank account, or fly an airplane.  However, if you suggest that people who haven’t yet learned that 3 x 2 = 6 aren’t in a position to handle...
04/04/2022 - 8:54pm
DEAR MARK: April 1, 2022 DEAR MARK: Biden’s actions have been disastrous, and he threatens to bring the country down. This man (hardly of presidential character to begin with) is horribly impaired and is an easy mark for the world’s dictators. His backup is even worse. Even if you could rid us of them both, Pelosi sits coiled in the...
03/28/2022 - 5:24pm
DEAR MARK: March 25, 2022 DEAR MARK: Lia Thomas (who identifies as female, despite never having undergone reassignment surgery) has become the canary in the coal mine for transgender athletes, having broken records across the board in women’s swimming. Cancel culture has kept dissenters cowed, as rival athletes fear losing not only a place...
03/22/2022 - 3:24pm
DEAR MARK: March 18, 2022 DEAR MARK: I always knew Biden was a liar and an idiot, but his most recent whopper combines both of his “skills” and might just take the cake. Teleprompter Joe just read to us that “we are on track to see the largest decline in the deficit in American History.” Of course he had to get a dig in at...
03/14/2022 - 10:49pm
DEAR MARK: March 11, 2022 DEAR MARK: After paying $4/gallon at the pump this week, it seems to me that the real source of our economic woes is good old “Keystone Joe” Biden. Reversing his decision to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline seems like an obvious corrective. What good could we possibly be doing by not completing the pipeline...
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