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Well before the formation of The Graphic-Advocate, residents of Lake City and Rockwell City enjoyed a brief period of cooperative publication. In the 1890s, the newly formed Farmers Advocate in Rockwell City also published a Lake City Advocate-News. Though little additional information about that publication is available today, it certainly foreshadows the longstanding cooperative agreements that re-emerged earlier in the 21st century.

The Lake City Graphic was founded in December 1886 by T.B. Hotchkiss, a New Yorker who had relocated to Lake City about 15 years prior. He also founded the Manson Journal in 1874 and the Lake City Blade in 1878.

The Rockwell City Advocate’s first edition was published in 1890, according to the masthead of an 1891 edition. Other historical sources indicate the newspaper began publication in 1885. Rev. Sam K. Gregg was the proprietor and editor of the Farmers Advocate, which became the Rockwell City Advocate in the 1890s.

The two newspapers published independently of each other for more than a century. In 1975, the Rockwell City Advocate and the Lohrville Enterprise, established in 1889, combined to become The NEWSpaper, which later became the Calhoun County Advocate.

In 2007, Mid-America Publishing purchased The Lake City Graphic and The Calhoun County Advocate. The newspapers shared stories for years and in early 2010, were merged to form The Graphic-Advocate. 

Offices are located in Lake City.

The Graphic-Advocate serves the communities of Lake City, Rockwell City, Lohrville, Lanesboro, Lytton, Auburn and Yetter.

The Graphic-Advocate (Lake City)
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