Find out why every cruise ship has its own morgue!

Find out why every cruise ship has its own morgue!

Have you ever wondered about the measures cruise ships take to handle unexpected events, such as a passenger’s death? Don’t worry, this article isn’t meant to scare you away from your dream cruise vacation.

Instead, it aims to provide an insight into the little-known but essential role of morgues onboard these massive vessels.

A Dark Yet Necessary Facility

Beyond their luxurious amenities and entertainment options, cruise ships are equipped with more serious facilities such as medical centers and morgues.

These establishments ensure passenger safety and cater to various emergencies that might arise during a voyage. Having a morgue is a practical necessity to deal with any unfortunate deaths until the ship reaches its next port of call.

Not a Scene from a Horror Movie

If you’re thinking the onboard morgue is some chilly cavern filled with rows upon rows of bodies, you’d be mistaken. Due to limited space constraints and considering the rarity of onboard fatalities, morgues on cruise ships have a modest capacity.

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So a maritime version of The Walking Dead isn’t quite the accurate depiction!

Dealing with Death at Sea

In the case of an unexpected death, the body is swiftly transported to the morgue for preservation. Crew members follow strict protocols, ensuring that the deceased are treated with respect and appropriate care.

From there, the family or friends of the deceased make arrangements according to their beliefs and customs, usually once the ship has reached its destination.

  • Proper Procedures: The onboard crew is trained to handle deaths, following guidelines set by international maritime laws and health regulations.
  • Family Notifications: The ship’s officers and staff are sensitive to the needs and wishes of affected families, assisting them in organizing proper funeral services.
  • Customs Clearance: In cases where a passenger dies on international waters, paperwork and documentation must be filed with relevant authorities before the body can be repatriated or buried at sea.
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An Unspoken Reality

Now, if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about this grim aspect of cruises until now, that’s because it’s an intentionally well-kept secret.

Cruise lines prefer not to draw attention to the existence of morgues as reports of onboard deaths might negatively impact their image.

After all, no one wants to hear distressing statistics right before embarking on a relaxing vacation!

Maintaining the Fun and Excitement

Cruise lines prioritize creating positive experiences for guests, from gourmet dining options to thrilling recreational activities.

Consequently, they do their best to handle unfortunate incidents, such as sudden deaths, discreetly and professionally to minimize the negative impact on fellow passengers’ enjoyment.

A Reassuring Thought

At first glance, having a morgue onboard a cruise ship may seem morbid and unappealing. However, it is essential to ensure the continued safety and care for the deceased and their loved ones in times of need.

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So while death is never a pleasant topic, it is comforting to know that cruise lines have anticipated every possible eventuality and have measures in place to address any situation.

Safe Travels?

Even though unexpected deaths are rare on cruises, it’s important to take precautions while traveling. These include purchasing travel insurance, bringing necessary medications, following safe practices during excursions, and staying informed about ship safety regulations.

Diving into the unknown world of cruise morgues might have unsettled you, but it’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes detail.

Besides knowing what happens in this unlikely scenario, be rest assured that cruise ships strive to provide unforgettable experiences and ensure passenger safety throughout the journey.

So when you sail away on your next adventure, it’s best to keep your focus on discovering new horizons while knowing you’re in capable hands!

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